Want To Get Rid Of Your White/Gray Hair For Good? There Is A Way…

White or grey hairs are not desired by most people and so when you comb your hair, looking at yourself in the mirror and you stumble upon some grey or white hair it can be a depressing moment.


While greying of the hair is normally associated with old age in both men and women over the age of 50 years, it can occur earlier than expected and when it does it could be as a result of;

• Genetics
• Stress
• Some kind of ailment

It is believed by scientists that when the body is unable to generate melanin which is a portion of the hair follicle then greying can occur.

If the melanin generated in the hair follicle should stop, then hair starts to turn white or grey.

You can reverse this however and get back your natural hair colour with this recipe;


• Flax seed oil – 200 ml
• Unpeeled lemon – 4
• Garlic cloves – 3
• Pure honey – 1 kg


• Make sure to slice the garlic and lemon into small pieces.
• Put them in a bowl and add your honey and flax seed oil.
• Blend and get a homogeneous mixture.
• You should then store up this mixture in a glass jar and refrigerate.


• Take a tablespoon of this mixture two times daily and before any meal.
Here are other homemade recipes for reversing grey hair.

Cow Milk Butter:

• Gently massage cow milk butter on to your scalp twice in a week, do this for about 3 months.

Yeast And Yogurt:

• Consume in small amounts and before any meal a mixture of 1 litre of yogurt and a tablespoon of yeast.

Coconut Oil And Curry Leaves Treatment:

• Boil some coconut oil then add curry leaves to the boiling oil.
• Once boiled, strain the oil and leave it at room temperature to cool.
• Gently massage the strained oil to your scalp.
• Let it stay on your scalp for a few minutes.
• After about 15 minutes wash it off with your shampoo and warm water.




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