This Woman Thought That She Found the Love of Her Life! But, on Their Honeymoon, She Discovered His Dark Secret!

This is really shocking and it should be a lesson for all of us. This is how the story goes – this young woman discovered that she was married to a convicted pedophile just a week after their wedding. And now, 5 years later – she is still trying to divorce him. Jasmine Cullen, 24, from Carshalton, Surrey, was enjoying her honeymoon in Brighton with new husband Jason Cullen when her grandmother found sick child abuse photographs on a laptop, which Cullen had been using.

After that, Jasmine found out that Cullen, 31, a former ambulance call operator, had also lied to her about his identity and criminal past. Well yes, this woman was devastated to learn that her newlywed husband is a convicted pedophile who has spent time in jail. She met her husband Jason, at a bar and fell in love with him, and the two got married a few months later.

As we said, the young couple was spending time at the home of Jasmine’s grandmother in Brighton, when her grandmother found sick child abuse photographs on a laptop, which Jason Cullen had been using. After she inform the police, Jasmine learned that her husband lied about his identity and his criminal past.

The police told her that 2 years earlier, he had been imprisoned for possessing 8,000 images of child abuse and he exchanged the photos with other pedophiles. He served half of his two years sentence in prison, and he met Jasmine shortly after being released. She also learned that her husband’s real name is Jason Hudson.

After she called the police, they searched the computer, and Jason was jailed for 14 weeks. He was also given a community order of 18 months. She tried to get a divorce, but he is not cooperating. She is now seeking to have her marriage annulled over the lies and deceit. You should be very careful and You can’t marry someone you just met. You should know your partner well and everything about him/her before you get married. We really hope you enjoyed this article and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Thank You.



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