This Is How Your Personality Is Determined By Your Birth Order

Were you the youngest, middle or the first child in the family? You will discover how the birth order can shape and have influence over your personality once you become a mature adult.
All parents notice many differences between their children. Everything starts with the looks, habits, passions, what type of food they like and the last but not the least, there are differences in their personality.

Children develop and act differently and this depends mostly on their birth order. Every parent has to be aware of this and they will understand their children better.

Even more, many researchers discovered special characteristics in the personalities of the children who were born first, last etc. If the age gap between the children is big, they can take the role of a first born, but not on the middle or last born.

Additionally, children who are adopted mostly fill in the role they should have in the family and their personality is determined by this. For instance, do you wonder why your brother thinks about something else, walks and paints in nature?

What’s more, how many children in your family are too bossy? You do not have to be worried because these situations happen in many families.

That’s why the birth order is very important. The first borns are usually perfectionists and they are raised by parents who want everything to be perfect for their children. This results with good communication with adults. On the other hand they worry a lot and they want to take control over things.

They are high achievers and competitive in all areas of life – they are dedicated workers and they want to achieve greatness.

These are some of their characteristics: leaders, cautions, reliable, perfectionists, bossy, achievers, motivated, responsible, cautious, controlling, reliable, etc.



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