Think Twice Before Reaching Another Energy Drink!

Have you ever wondered what an energy drink contains? An alarming situation was created when the Longhorn Cattle Company published the findings they discovered concerning the ingrediends of one energy drink. They are firmly claiming that the energy drinks consist of bull urine and semen.


The research they conducted was practised on several different brands of energy drinks, including the well known Red Bull and Monster, and they had discovered that all of these drinks had one thing in common – it was the compound named Taurine, which is an extract from bull urine and semen. In translation, the latin word for Taurine is Taurus, which when translated into English, it means bull.

The first people who have extracted this compound were Australian scientists, Friedrich Tiedemann and Leopold Gmelon in 1827. they found out that taurine is commonly found in the liver, urine and semen of a bull. This is one of the major compounds in every energy drink, no exception, so we understand if you are racing to the fridge right about now to get rid of all the energy drinks you have.

Not long ago, there was even a video that leaked, showing how Taurine was extracted from bull’s testicles and how it was processed in order to include it as a compound of the energy drinks. This video was released from a former employee of a major energy drink company, and believe us, you do not want to see it.

As it was not enough that deadly issues were connected to regular consumption of energy drinks, such as strokes and heart attacks, now this. We find out that the drinks are actually made of bull semen and urine. We sincerely hope that you will drop the bad habit of consuming energy drinks now. Preserve your health and body while it’s still not too late.



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