They Told Her To Abort 4 Of Her 7 Babies – Look What Happened With Them

A young couple, Kenny and Bobbi McCaughey in the year 1997 were pretty much one of the most famous couples in the world. They were constantly searched by the media and followed around. Do you know why?

They were the first couple in the world to have seven babies..all at once! Bobbi gave birth to seven beautiful, healthy babies. These were the first babies to survive septuplets, making this couple more than a phenomenon.

Because of this fact, the family had been appearing in the media for these past 18 years. They have done many shows and interviews.

In the last one they did, who was right before they all turned 18 years old, they spoke about how it has all been so far for them.

The mother is such an emotional and caring person, she, along with the father, see the entire family as a blessing.

There are no words to describe their joy and love towards their children. And the youngsters are just amazing. They all have different interests and hobbies, and will soon head towards a single path, because they will be sent to college soon.

There is one who is witty, one who is the class clown, one who is a bookworm, and of course a stubborn one – they all have special parts of their personality by which they can be singled out in a crowd.

The parents discuss their childhood, and what it was like raising 7 children. Both Bobbi and Kenny say that it has been the most marvelous experience ever.

They claim that being a part of a septuplet has only brought them good moments. They could not say a single bad thing about each other.

They love each other so much, that when seeing them, it is hard not to remember the love we all have for our family and the sole sight of them can make you feel warm at heart.



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