Stressed-Out Mother Sings Amazing Parody Song Of Adele’s ‘Hello’

Ever since superstar singer Adele came out with her amazing song “Hello” back in late October, just about everyone has been singing it over and over again as often as possible.

The song, highly successful, has been played countless times on countless radio stations, while the music video has garnered over half a billion views on YouTube! When a song hits that level of popularity, it’s only a matter of time before someone makes a parody of it that is arguablyjust as good as the original.

While it’s taken over a month, singer-songwriter Emily Mills has come up with an amazing twist on the mega-hit, except instead of being from the prospective of a love filled with regret, it’s from an exhausted mother’s point of view!

When she shows up to the house of her fellow mom friends, one of them is stress-eating Cheetos as her children drive her crazy. And even though she loves her kids, sometimes she’s just too tired, “I know you feel it, hope you’re not pregnant, can’t take it anymore… Cause I love my children, but I don’t want anymore, can somebody pass me the pinot noir?”

When Emily isn’t making amazing videos like this, she’s busy sharing her faith with her thousands of fans and followers. Not only is she hilarious and smart, but she’s an amazingly loving person as well!



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