Policeman Raped This Girl For A Year… Now She Makes A Documentary!

Sakshi Vidyarthi has decided to make a documentary on the events that followed after she was sexually molested

Rapist Amarjeet Shahi, who was appointed as a DSP in UP Police became friends with Sakshi.

15-year-old Sakshi was unaware of his intentions. Shahi was so clever that he became friends with Sakshi’s family and even introduced his wife to them so that nobody would be suspicious of his dirty plans…

He mixed drugs in her tea and took nude pictures of her.
On November 8, 2010, Shahi visited Sakshi who was alone at home in the afternoon. He asked her to make a cup of tea for both of them. When she kept the two cups of tea in front of him, he asked her to bring him a glass of water and mixed something in her tea.

Sakshi had no clue what was going on..
She went unconscious and that’s when Shahi started clicking her nude pictures and vulgar videos.

He threatened her later that he would leak her photos on the internet if she doesn’t let him have sex with her.
Sakshi was too afraid to think and that’s when Shahi kept raping her for about a year without anyone else having a clue.

Sakshi was so emotionally tortured, she decided to end her life on March 13, 2012.
Fortunately, she was saved and that’s when she decided to take a revenge from the pervert police officer. Sakshi informed her parents about the incident and they took Shahi to the court.

Shahi was released on bail in June 2013.
He started threatening Sakshi’s family after he was released on bail. Sakshi’s father who is a government officer stood strong to see the wicked man get severely punished. On May 18, 2015, the court sentenced Shahi for 10 years.

Sakshi Vidyarthi has made a documentary on the emotional, physical and social tortures she faced during the rape and court trial.




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