Her Boyfriend Dumped Her Because She Weighed 300lbs. But Now?

Food is like an addiction split in two versions: a healthy food addiction and unhealthy food addiction. It’s your job to find the perfect path and balance between these two habits.

When you start going through the healthy part, you understand the beauty in living a healthy and active life. On the other hand, the unhealthy path is full of unhealthy habits, sugar, fat, overweight, and diseases.

I’m not saying that healthy people don’t suffer from diseases. It’s just that the chances of that to happen are, I mean, really at their lowest levels.

You have to understand that being overweight is not something you need to fear or be ashamed of the others. You need to take care of yourself. Excess weight didn’t do well for anyone.

Sometimes we comply with overweight people. We protect them when they, or someone else, say to them that they need to lose weight.

Call me whatever you like but we are just helping them feel better at that particular moment. But, what happens when they start feeling the consequences of the excess weight?

Making them feel better because they are overweight won’t help their cause.

I think you get my point.

Now, this is Laura Micetich. She was 25 years old with a body of 300lbs.

PIC BY IRON GIANTESS / CATERS NEWS - (PICTURED: Laura Micetich before weight loss in 2014) - A stunning woman who shrunk 115lbs after a break-up looked so unrecognisable people thought she had gone under the knife. Laura Micetich, 25, struggled with secretive binge eating and by 2014 she had ballooned to 300lbs. At six-feet and with her obese frame, Laura described herself as intimidating. After the breakdown of a four year relationship, the beautiful brunette decided to get fit. The teacher from Jackson, Tennessee, USA, initially considered weight loss surgery but when she joined a gym and watched the first few pounds fall off she realised she could do it naturally. SEE CATERS COPY

She explains this like a weight that came from her addiction. The usual cardio she was doing every day, was from her room to the fridge and back. Laura added that this wasn’t an emotional eating, but something she needed to do.

The ongoing process of visiting the fridge made her overweight. Suddenly, something has changed.

Laura and her boyfriend were in love for four years. One day he made a decision to put an end and broke up with her.

She knew what’s going on and the bulb over her head shined for a change.

After two years of constant fight and tough decisions, Laura looks like this:


Would you look at that? Her boyfriend would be mad right now for ditching her instead giving her the motivation she needs to do this transformation.

Laura, you are my idol!

Before doing this transformation naturally, she wanted to go under the knife and lose the excess weight. Luckily, she thought things through and concluded that surgery would be too drastic.

She joined the gym, started implementing healthy habits, and the results came.

People think I have had surgery, but it was all natural – I worked hard,” said Laura. “I’ve even had people steal my photos and use it for weight loss pills claiming I used them to slim down, but that’s not true. There was no pills or surgery. Just hard work.”

Let her introduce herself.

People want to give the success to someone else, Laura. It’s in their nature. They can’t except doing the transformation by yourself with your strong will and hard work.

You can find more useful information about her journey, nutrition, exercises, and more on herYouTube Channel.

Over the past two years, she managed to trim down 112lbs, and now she looks sexy as hell.

You have my respect girl!



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