Facebook has introduced a ‘scary’ new setting – here’s how to opt out

The internet can be a pretty scary place, you may think it’s only your selected friends and family who can see the information and news you post on Facebook, but a whole host of other people you never even knew about may be able to view it as well. Whilst Facebook has allowed users to up their security options, there are still concerns about the privacy and safety of Facebook users. However, this time round it’s not Facebook hackers that are getting our information, it’s Facebook themselves. It was only by chance that one man noticed a default setting that could be putting users privacy at risk, but now we know about it, we can help you protect yourselves against it.

Currently, when you browse Facebook, data is collected from you dependent on what your likes and interests are and what you click on, on the site. I’m sure this isn’t news to most people who regularly receive suggestions from Facebook about who they may know or what pages they may like. However, there is now another way for them to track your activity.


Facebook are now able to track your internet activity- even if you don’t have a Facebook account- through other online adverts you click on. They will then use this information and target you with further advertisements and suggestions. If the thought of someone watching your every move makes you feel a little uneasy, here is how you can defend yourself.

It was professor of media design, David Carroll, who noticed that Facebook had defaulted him back into ad tracking and targeting.

He was then able to share this tip with us, on how to remove the defaulting.


The professor warned people to check their privacy settings because Facebook may have opted you back in without your consent.’ Facebook denied the claims and tweeted back: ‘We didn’t change our settings’.

We think it’s better to be safe than sorry!



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