DNA Confirmation: The Body of a Recently Passed Homeless Man

Not so long ago, a body of a homeless man was found. The body was discovered in a cardboard box behind a fast food place in doowntown Kingston, Jamaica. He was a John Doe to the police, for he did not have any identification on him. His only possessions were a tin with a small amount of marijuana, a guitar and a photo of the Houses of Parliament in London.


Because the police could not identify the man, they reached out to the national DNA database. But, when the results cam back, they were shocked! No one could believe it, not the coroners nor the police. The chief coroner, Jacob Chambers, says for the local news that he could not believe his eyes. When one of his coleagues first found out, he was short of breath, and could not even calm down to give him the news.

Apparently, the DNA results of the recently passed homeless man that was found behind a diner belonged to the reggae star Bob Marley! The chief coroner could not believe his eyes. He just stared at the results. His jaw dropped to the floor. I mean, everyone know that Bob Marley died in 1981 from cancer when he got to Jamaica by plane from Germany. This was not possible. And even if it was, why was the body lying behind a restaurant?

Naturally, the chief coroner thought that someone was making a joke on his account, so he just ordered the other coroners to write down the body as unknown male in his late 60s and give it to the authorities to be cremated. But this is where the things really got weird here. Strange men with dark glasses and suits came in the office of the coroner and presented themselves as government officials. So, this meant that this was truly the body of Bob Marley. Faking his own death was part of a plan where he could escape all the attention and lead a more peaceful life.

Later on, the Jamaican government actually confirmed that they helped him go through with his plan, and that right before that, they had an agreement where the government would receive all the royalties from his best selling album, Exodus.

As the chief coroner Chambers stated, the government officials wiped the place down and made it clean from all of the evidence, the DNA and the body of the superstar. Before they left they warned everyone who had been working on the case to keep this matter in the dark.




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