An easy way to clear grease-spattered and blackened STOVE in 2 MINUTES!

If you feel tired of the constant cleaning or maintenance with different cleaning products and stronger chemicals, and you always want your stove to look like a new one, check out this advice.


We’ll show you how to clean the knobs from grease in just 2 minutes, safely and without buying expensive chemicals.


-cotton (or a cotton swabs)

-few drops of alcohol (best to use Ouzo)

-An old toothbrush

How to:

Soak cotton in alcohol and wipe with it the greased parts of the stove. Wait a few minutes and see how grease and dirt disappear before your eyes. If still the dirt and grease is stubborn and won’t come out, scratch them problematic areas with a toothbrush, which you previously have soaked in alcohol.

Then just wipe with a clean damp cloth and dry. The result is amazing!

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