Amazing Things You Didn’t Know Onions Could Do

Beside garlic onion is another one strong antibiotic. By reading this article you will know more about the benefits of using onion.

Onions are good ingredient in lots of foods and slates so they are helping us in overall health. Most of the experts agree that many ailments can be treated with onions. Here are few of them:

1. Clogged ears

Remove the soft core of an onion and then place it at the beginning of your ear canal but be careful don’t push too hard inside your ear. Leave the piece of onion overnight. Its juices will soften wax buildups, and you will be able to remove them more without any effort.

2. Burns

Simply cut the onion in half and put on the burned place to reduce and sooth the pain very quickly.

3. Bee or wasp stings

Stings can be extremely dangerous, and sometimes may cause even death, especially if you are allergic. The first thing you should do is keep calm and do not panic. Do’t press the spot just mash an onion, and apply it on the sore area.

4. High body temperature

Treatment for body temperature is very old and very effective. All you need to do is to put onion slices in your socks and take a rest.

5. Detoxification

The biggest benefits of the onion is detoxification. Put more fresh onions in your daily meals and your body will be thankful for cleaned toxins from it


Grate 1 white or yellow onion. Press the onion juice from the onion wrapped in a cheesecloth. Brew a strong cup of peppermint tea and let it cool. Drink 2 teaspoons of the onion juice and after 5 minutes drink 2 teaspoons of the cool peppermint tea and wait 5 minutes. Repeat this process until the symptoms subside. Vomiting should stop immediately and the nausea should go away within 10 minutes.



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