A Blind Girl Sees and Hears Her Mother for the First Time After Miracle Surgery! When She First Saw Her Mother, Her Reaction Will Melt Your Heart! (VIDEO)

This is really heartbreaking and heartwarming story. A 2-year-old girl sees and hears her mother for the first time, after miracle surgery. This is how the story goes – from the moment she was born, two-year old Nicolly Pereira couldn’t see or hear her mother. She only knew her through her touch, and felt her love through her warmth. And, at a very young age, Nicolly have gone through seven unsuccessful operations back home in Santa Catarina, Brazil. She was diagnosed with a severe case of pediatric glaucoma shortly after birth, and her doctors were able to confirm that she couldn’t even see light. Her mother, Daiana Pereira, felt extremely helpless about her child’s condition. For months, she believed that her daughter was developmentally disabled — unable to hear, speak or walk. And in Brazil, she couldn’t find a solution.

So, she decided to share her daughter’s story on Facebook. Her post unexpectedly went viral with over 30,000 people showing their support and following Nicolly’s journey to one day see. Among these people is a Facebook user from Miami who got in touch with the Jackson Health Foundation’s International Kids Fund seeking help on Nicolly’s behalf. And finally, her mother was able to raise $20,000 to pay for the little girl’s surgery at Bascom Palmer. After one week, the doctors performed a three-hour surgery that was able to restore Nicolly’s sight. Though at first she thought succeeding was unlikely, she was able to decrease Nicolly’s eye pressure from 50 to 12 — just within the 10-20 range normal for children.

Thanks to these doctors and many people who helped, the two-year-old who didn’t use to see, hear, speak and walk is now the happiest girl you’ll ever see. And the priceless moment wherein she finally got to see and hear her mom made everyone’s efforts worth it. Just take a look at the video and don’t forget to share this amazing story with your friends and family. Thank You.



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