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glancing back into the passenger section CPBA it exam of the shuttle, nowunder lights out for landing. The unmistakable sound of the mechanical breathingcoming from the chamber s shadow filled the cabin with a terrible impatience. In the control room of Death CPBA Star below, operators mo.ved along the bank ofpanels, monitoring all the space traffic in the area, authorizing flight patterns,accessing certain areas to certain vehicles. The shield operator suddenly checked hismonitor with alarm the view screen depicted the battle station itself, the moon Endor,and a web of energy the deflector shield emanating from the green moon,encompassing the Death Star. Only now, the security web was beginning to separate,to retract and form a clear channel a channel through which the dot that was Pegasystems Certification theImperial shuttle sailed, unimpeded, toward the massive space station. The shield operator quickly called his control officer over to the view screen,uncertain how to proceed. What is it the officer demanded. That shuttle has a class one.priority ranking. He tried to replace the fear inhis voice with disbelief. The officer glanced at the view screen

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
PEGACPBA71V1 Certified Pega Business Architect (CPBA) 71V1 Pegasystems CPBA



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