10 Facts About Hrithik Roshan You Never Knew Before

1. Two surnames

Hrithik Roshan’s official surname is Nagrath.

2. Favourite holiday destination

Hrithik loves to spend his quality time mostly in London(U.K.) and Phuket (Thailand).

3. Signed two movies before his first blockbuster hit

He signed ‘Mission Kashmir’ and ‘Fiza’ much before his first movie ‘Kaho Naa Pyar Hai.’

4. Perfect in sports

He is also a certified diver.

5. Famous for his nickname

His nickname ‘Duggu’ was kept by his late grandmother.

6. Fortune changer

He was offered for movies ‘Swades’ and ‘Rand De Basanti’ but, he rejected them and lost two very good opportunities.

7. Chain smoker

Despite being a health freak, he is unable to leave his smoking habit.

8. Loved his grandmother

Whoever follows Hrithik on Twitter knows that he calls his late grandmother ‘Dida’ with affection

9. Started his own fashion brand

He launched his fashion label brand named ‘HRx’ for casual clothing.

10. Similarities between Sussanne and Hrithik

Both of them has an identical tattoo on their hands. Although they are separated now but, their tattoos are still with them. I wish the happiest birthday to one of my favourites and sensational Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan. Share this story to all the Hrithik fans you know.



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